The Pitt River Valley is home to a wide range of wildlife that you may encounter on your trip. 


Majestic Ospreys and North American Bald Eagles soar in the skies with impressive wingspans of over 5 feet. They look down on the mighty Black Bears and Roosevelt Elk that roam the hillsides and valley bottom. The Bears main diet consists of berries and plants during the spring but during the summer they become almost totally dependent on the spawning salmon for sustenance. 

The Elk were recently re-introduced and are seen from time to time lounging in the old clear cuts and clearings along the road. Trophy Black Tail Deer can be found living in the small brush amongst the river islands and often seen crossing the river with their young just before the heat of the day. A pack of Timber Wolves has moved into the valley, rarely sited except in the winter when their tracks show they roam all over- they have been spotted occasionally at the higher alpine areas. 

raftThe Pitt River has more than fish living in its mighty waters. While fishing on the river you may find a Beaver dam that looks very similar to a natural log jam but is carefully crafted by its inhabitant. Beavers are harmless and playful like their distant relative the River Otter that you may see floating down the river on their back. Mountain Lions, known as ‘Cougars’ are elusive but present all over the valley and are not the only species of cat on the Pitt which include Bobcats and Lynx both of which are a little larger than a house cat. 

Chickadees and songbirds create a lovely soundtrack to your day on the river and the persona of the many little Kingfishers and Dippers along the riverbanks provide entertainment. Red-headed Woodpeckers can be heard tapping trees for bugs and swarms of luminescent hummingbirds can be seen while having a drink on the deck of the lodge.



Videos of the Pitt River Valley